Improved Rain V2.3 (ETS2 V1.45)

Ets2 Improved Rain V2.3 mod download.
Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.45

This mod improves the rain intensity and the rain textures for better realism

– Realistic rain intensity
– Realistic rain textures
– Realistic tree textures
– Realistic mountain textures
– Slightly increased saturation of trees
– Slightly increased saturation of mountains
– Realistic rain/thunder sounds
– Realistic water spray from tires when raining
– Slippery physics during rainy weather
– Improved rain/dirt particles

Authors: trainguy_gamingDrive Safely for the realistic rain soundsKass for the rain texture files and other necessary files as well as the thunder soundsBeta Tester Bob Sux 
Improved Rain V2.3 (ETS2 V1.45) Download -

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