Realistic Headlighting (Ets2 V1.44)

Realistic Headlighting mod for ETS2 version 1.44.

This mod is a rework of headlighting, more realistic.
It supports 18 model of SCS trucks.
This mod is not change your truck exterior or traffic truck exterior. Only change lighting of your truck when you are driving.
This mod can’t be used with other mod to change the color of headlights.
If when you use with other environmental mod or weather mod, please set a priority higher of this mod.

Rework from SCS original
New mask texture for each lighting pattern. Lighting little longer and little wider.
Some trucks with projector type low beam, add unique mask texture.(*1)
Rebalancing the brightness in between the lighting pattern.
Adjust the lighting color of standard headlamp. Looks like halogen lamp. Xenon/LED headlamp hasn’t change color.
Adjust the lighting angle. In SCS original Low beam, lighting direction to the too much right and near. So adjust the lighting both of lamp, just front little farther.
Adjust the reflectors setting, height and distance.
Expand the lighting range on graphics process. It’s provide you more natural depiction and better visibility. but little heavier to processing.

(*1) DAF XF105, Iveco Hi-Way, Mercedes Actros MP4, Renault Premium, T Range, and both Volvo.

Version 2.3 Changes:
Update for ETS2 1.44.

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