Headlight Options Led+Xenon (Ets2 V1.43)

Headlight Options (Led+Xenon) mod for ETS2 version 1.43. 

Adds choice of headlight lamps for SCS trucks (i.e., Halogen, LED, Xenon).
Because Europe is banning halogen bulbs, some trucks don’t have a Halogen option.
Widens beam’s angle for trucks’ low beams.
Lengthens range for trucks’ high beams.
Eliminates low-beam specular
Reduces led and xenon intensities

Trucks included:
SCS stock trucks (except Iveco Stralis)
DAF_XF_by_vadik_v.7.7.scs (only increased low_beam_angle and hi_beam_range; i.e., did not change his colors)

Update 25. Feb. 2022:
added wider low beam and longer high beams
(did not change his colors)

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