International 9900i Cummins ISX15 Engine V1.0 (Ets2 V1.43)

International 9900i Cummins ISX15 Engine mod for ETS2 version 1.43.

This is my remix of SCS Cummins ISX15 engine sound for International 9900i. It uses stock sound samples recorded by SCS and 3 more sound samples from Kriechbaum (jake brake and turbo).
While SCS made pretty good recordings of the engine, the mixing they made is far from perfect. The main issue is the mismatched pitch between neighbor samples recorded at different engine RPMs. This mod fixes that, but also replaces the jake brake and turbo sounds with a better one. One more improvement is the exhaust sound source position – it’s now placed more or less where the exhaust physically is located.
Works in convoy mode.

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