New Interior Cabin Lights V3.1 (Ets2 V1.43)

New Interior Cabin Lights mod for ETS2 version 1.43.

This mod adds interior cab lights for all default trucks
In addition to the standard color (R. G. B) 15 different colors are added: white, yellow, neon, xenon, orange, dark_orange, light_blue, purple, gray,pink, turquoise and black
Increase the brightness of the light in the cabin is increased by 25% (Flare)

Added interior lighting for trucks:(volvo.fh16_2013,scania.r_2016,scania.s_2016,renault.t,man.tgx_euro6,sisu.r500,Argosy,FH16_2013_ohaha,daf.xf.50k) except for the Renault Premium, because this truck doesn’t have its own beacon lights.
Added as a beacon and activated by a beacon on the key.
Purchased in truck accessories (beacon)
Enable disable the O key
Updated to version 1.43

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