Seogi Mirror Cam All Truck V220912 (Ets2 V1.45)

Seogi Mirror Cam All Truck mod for ETS2 version 1.45.

Seogi ETS2 Mirror Cam All Truck
It will function normally from 1.45
f_mirror cam and external point of view
daf.xf (slim mirror cam)
daf.xf_euro6 (slim mirror cam)
man.tgx_euro6 (slim mirror cam)
mercedes.actros2014 (slim mirror cam)
mercedes.actros (slim mirror cam)
Scania (slim mirror cam) – mirror cams lower door frame like it is seen in real life (look for 2016)
scania.s_2016 scania.r_2016 (f_mirror on dash)
If the screen does not appear, After purchasing another [f_mirror] You need to buy [f_mirror on dash].
mod scania.p_2016 scania.g_2016 (f_mirror pgrs)
Volvo(slim mirror cam)
mod reworked volvo.fh16_2012,2018 (f_mirror Reworked)
volvo.fh16_2012 delete bottom mirror cam connection
daf.xf_euro6 external viewpoint has been fixed.
renault.magnum mirror cam location fix
add renault.magnum f_mirror Corner Cam
Side mirrors can be removed
Fix not being able to remove Iveco Daf mirror (option no mirror)

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