Krone Profiliner Trailer (Ets2 V1.45)

Krone Profiliner Trailer mod for ETS2 version 1.45.

Standalone Krone Profiliner trailer with 4K AO bake
One variant of chassis (I will add more in the future)
One variant of body
All new textures of reflective stripes
All new models of palletbox, side-rails with 4K AO bake
All new models of reflective stripes
Custom mudflaps (with changeable texture & with template)
New templates for trailer

Authors: Custom trailer wheels (Maxion 120) Mario00774 - Rework & adaptation for 1.40, new models and future updates Axelrol & his team - original mod Defiant70 - Photos and betatest of the mod Abasstreppas - Custom trailer wheels Dasting - Original skinpack and Kondor - Skin rework 
Krone Profiliner Trailer (Ets2 V1.45) Download -

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