Tandem Addon V1.0 (Ets2 V1.44)

Tandem Addon mod for ETS2 version 1.44.

The modification adds a container chassis for Scania RJL and a new ekeri trailer container carrier.
Chassis for Scania RJL has two color options, basic tuning, the ability to install a container at the service.
The ekeri container trailer is completely autonomous and built from scratch, has two chassis colors, a small basic tuning and supports the installation of a container when ordering.

Version 1.0:
Added container body from RJL Scania
Added ekeri chassis container body
Added red chassis

The “Tandem addon” is an addition to the modification “Scania RJL tandem addon by Kast” and “Ekeri tandem trailer by Kast”.

For this modification to work, you must set it as a priority above the main modifications:
Your other modifications
Tandem addon by Belka647
Ekeri addon tandem trailers
Ekeri trailers
Tandem addon for RJL Scania
RJL Scania
Your other modifications
The list of your modifications may be different, it does not matter.

How can I get it in the game?
To install a container chassis for RJL Scania, you must select any chassis
4500, to install a container on it, you must select its slot at the end of the chassis in the service.
To install a container chassis for an
Ekeri trailer, you need to select a container body. After loading the
cargo, you will receive a container installed on it.

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