Ford Cargo 1210 Truck (Ets2 V1.44)

Ford Cargo 1210 truck mod for ETS2 version 1.44.

Handbrake animation
Air gun animation
Animated glass arms and glasses
Signal arm animation
Instrument lighting
Indicator speed-gas-water-signal light-oil light-headlight animations
Accessory parts with inner slot
5 different seat upholstery
color organization curtains and glass foil by tool

There are many slots and accessories that I can’t count in the vehicle yet.
10 different loads
2 types of bodywork, with curtains and wooden
5 types of rear bumper
5 types of mats
2 types of fenders
Chassis parts

Authors: ÖMER ENTERİLİ( VanlıÖmer) -- ENES ÇAKIR(ÇakırMods) 
Ford Cargo 1210 Truck (Ets2 V1.44) Download -

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