MAN TGX E6 by Gloover v1.8 (Ets2 V1.45)

MAN TGX E6 Truck mod for ETS2 version 1.45.

The MAN TG-range is a family of trucks produced since 2000 by the German vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus. It is the successor to the F2000, L2000, and M2000 series.
In 2012 new models were revealed with a chrome Lion grill, though these lacked the option of a V8 engine due to a lack of demand.
The carryover 15.2 L D38 series inline six-cylinder engine added into the lineup for 2014, replacing the D28 V8 engine.

Cabins: XL / XLX / XXL
Chassis: 4×2 BLS / 4×2 LLS-U / 6×2-2 Midlift BLS / 6×2-4 Midlift BLS / 6×2-2 Taglift BLS / 6×4-4 BLS / 8×4-4 BLS
Lots of tuning

Adapted to adjustable suspension height
Updated for 1.45x
Fixed some bugs

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