Maz 6422 1981 Truck + Trailer (Ets2 V1.43)

Maz 6422 1981 truck and trailer mod for ETS2 version 1.43.

Autonomous, does not replace anything, is bought in MAN and Dealers of MAZ Modifications.
Native salon.
Not a big tuning.
1 chassis and 1 cab.
Fuel tank with a volume of 950 liters.
There are accessories in the cabin + toys from STEAM.
Its wheels.

Fixed a log with errors and warnings for a 100% clean version. (Perfect, clean log)
Converted all 3D Models of the “PMG” truck, as well as all the “PMA” animation.
Improved truck braking system (no stiffness)
Improved handling – this is the power steering and suspension.
Improved truck lighting in the near and far distance.
Removed some file conflicts in upgrades.
Fixed the hanging walkie-talkie in the interior. (The cord of the walkie-talkie twitched in convulsions)
Fixed incorrect operation of the dashboard.
Fixed and improved the display of side mirrors.
Fixed the operation of the on-board computer and GPS.
Added 5 types of (FMOD) sounds and 5 types of engines.
There are also gear shift sounds.
Fixed in dealer, company and truck gallery.
Supports multiplayer with Convoy mode.

Authors: JAWA, Stas556. Adaptation, revision: AJIEHA. Animation of steering wheel and windows: AJIEHA. Model conversion: MaxX_AGENT. Improvements and fixes in the log: MaxX_AGENT. 
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