Scania R and Streamline Brazilian Style V1.8 (Ets2 V1.43)

Scania R and Streamline Brazilian Style truck mod for ETS2 version 1.43. 

Update of Scania R & Streamline (Brazilian Style) with the addition of new accessories and compatibility for the current version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.43). This mod aims to introduce players to the Scania R 2009 and R Streamline models, in addition to also bringing the P and G/G Streamline models, all with factory features of the Brazilian versions of these trucks.

1-instrument panel lighting and headlights;
2-brightness of Mirrors;
3-windshield texture;
4-truck height (R/Streamline and P models);
5-chassis length 6×2 / 4 (Model P);
6-vehicle rear nameplates;
7-appearance of the models on the market fast;
8-trucks UV’s-better compatibility with game paints.

1. New fuel tank options;
2. New front grille options (P models, G/G Streamline);
3. Another climate control option;
4. Rain gutter for all cabins;
5. Scania G update (2009 version);
6. Appearance of the “Scania P 360” on the Fast Market;
7. New on-board computer;
8. New Sunbreak option;
9. New corner baffle options (Scania R and G);
10. UK interiors (except Euro5 version).

Major Changes:
1. Def’s from Scania Streamline;
2. Chassis texture;
3. Store icons;
4. Post-treatment system (catalyst, battery box and Arla tank);
5. Standardization of chassis length (now all chassis have the same size);
6. Volumetric capacity of fuel tanks;
7. Name and Def’s of certain accessories-see topic: main changes in the Mod;

1. “SCANIA MIGHTY GRIFFIN”DLC accessories***;
2. Chassis 4×2 w / single tank for Scania P;

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