Scania Series 2 Edit (Ets2 V1.45)

Scania Series 2 truck mod for ETS2 version 1.45. 

Includes chassis [4×2 (normal, lowered), 6×2 (normal, lowered), 6×4 (normal, lowered, high [E]), 6×6 (high [E]), 8×4
Normal cabin and topline
Engines 360-450
Transmissions (8,9,12,10,16 speeds)
Independent interior (white, black, gray, wooden) independent sound and V8 sound
Steering Wheels (series 2 and 3 series) (white, black)
Miscellaneous accessories (tanks, exhausts, fender, oversize kit [E], etc.)
Tires and Rims for scania

Update model for 1.45.x
Fix interior sound volume and reverb.
Adjust fifth-wheel position (hook), now use 1.45.x suspension adjust feature
Fix chassis parameters.

Not works in previous version
Truck have an external window accessories and stickers, this overlap the original windows, due to a actual game limitations, this model isn’t animated, Recommend remove this accessory for see the animated windows.

Authors: Original model Alam Ferreira , Alves Ferreira, Wagner, Tonho; Previous arrangements: Matias Juan Laghezza, Tires: Ventyres, 5-point rims: Lexan, 112 sound: tincho, Towers and 8×4 kit: RJL, V8 sound: Bennekeben; Edition and arrangements: mjtemdark 
Scania Series 2 Edit (Ets2 V1.45) Download -

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