Ural 4320-10 1977 Truck (Ets2 V1.43)

Ural 4320-10 (1977) truck mod for ETS2 version 1.43.

Completely autonomous model.
Chassis: 6×4, 8×8, crane-1, crane-2.
The volume of fuel tanks on each chassis is 1800 liters.
There is a little tuning.
3 wiper modes.
Painted in any color + 10 types of skins.
Kamaz is bought at the dealer of URAL modifications and the RENAULT store.
Changes for the new version of ETS2:
New version of “PMG” 3D model (SCS Blender Tools).
New version of “PMA” animation (SCS Blender Tools).
Reworked many “mat”, “tobj”, “sii” and “dds” files.
Support for a multiplayer game with CONVOY mode.
In the interior, the brightness of the sun’s rays on the windshield is reduced.
Fixed work of on-board computer and GPS navigator.
Fixed smoke from the exhaust pipe.
Added cockpit accessories and toys from Steam.
New engines and transmissions with real performance.
New high-quality sounds (FMOD) of engines – 4 types (Kraz, MMZ, YAMZ-238 and YAMZ-236).
Updated interior and fixed camera.
New lighting format.
New distance low and high beam.
Fixed in companies, truck galleries, and dealers.
Carried out cosmetic cleaning of the 3D model and optimization in the game world.
Fixed all the bugs of the previous version to a minimum.
The log in the game is almost 99.5% clean (percent).

These are Army skins – 38 types and Rusty-old paint – 62 types
Also, 5 skins (4K SovTransAuto) for kraz 255-258 were added to the archive for skins
The archive has a cabin template for skins!

ATTENTION! Works with skins from the Author

Authors: Lacoste36. * Author of 3D model conversion and animation: MaxX_AGENT. * Author of full adaptation: MaxX_AGENT. * The author of the archive with skins: MaxX_AGENT 
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