Volvo FH 2020 V1.3.3 (Ets2 V1.45)

Volvo FH 2020 truck mod for ETS2 version 1.45.

Version 1.3.3
1. Correct retarder icon added to the dashboard and placed in the correct location.
2. Added complete line of original FH2020 roof decals.
3. Added the possibility to change own decals and light boxes (in separate mod “templates_fh2020”).
4. Added license plate mod support and the ability to add personal license plate
5. Full OpenGL/MacOS support.
6. Original black glass side panel + black window trims and fh16 badge on them as well as chrome versions of the side panel and window trims
7. Fixed bug with the missing sound of air horn “FH2020 horn” (will need to buy the horn again)
8. With the author’s permission added original D13K, D13TC engines sounds, sounds of transmissions, brake systems, and different sounds in the interior provided by @Kriechbaum
9. XXL cab interior reworked. Added all real interiors + reworked light versions from the original mod.
10. Added complete new air intake in all types of cabins.
11. The stock 5th wheel has been replaced by the matching Jost models.
12. X-Low chassis reworked (lowdeck).
13. Partial revision of all chassis. Tweaked shadows, some geometries, handling of some materials, etc.
14. Based on the tires mod by @galimim Continental tire line has been added. All chassis are now fitted with the correct tire size as specified by Volvo at the truck dealer.
15. Fixed, and refined various accessories, and added new ones.
16. Fixed various bugs from the main mod and previous updates.
For versions ETS2 1.44-1.45

Authors: KP TruckDesign, rework Sanax 
Volvo FH 2020 V1.3.3 (Ets2 V1.45) Download -

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